Exciting new solar grid connect rules coming in 2021:

SA Power Networks (SAPN) is taking smarter homes pretty seriously by changing the way home solar systems interact with the greater network. Current rules limit grid connect solar energy export from a site to maximum of 5kW per phase. Under new rules there will be more options depending on your location and the density of existing solar, the first is a fixed maximum export limit of 1.5kW per phase, the second being ‘flexible exports’ where you can export up to 10kW. To be able to export up to 10kW you must allow SAPN full control over your inverter (via internet), this gives them the ability to dial up or down the amount your system can export according to grid conditions at the time.

For example, high grid demand might see your solar system exporting the full 10kW and at other times only the minimum 1.5kW if the grid is ‘full’ of surplus solar. The new rules are anticipated to come into play late June / early July 2021. Initially the scheme will be trialled for 12 months. https://www.sapowernetworks.com.au/industry/flexible-exports/

Existing grid connect solar system owners will not have to change from their current arrangement, unless they are upgrading / increasing capacity.

Edit 15th July: it seems the logistics to implement the new scheme still need ironing out, implementation to roll out mid 2022!


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Paul Staska is passionate about renewable energy, the environment and quality workmanship. 

After gaining an environmental awareness back in the 1990’s Paul embarked on a quest to ‘do his bit’ to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

He has been involved within the energy efficiency sector since that time conducting energy audits, 5 star building assessments and specialising in solar energy since 2005.

After 2 1/2 years of study, in 2007 Paul earned accreditation for Solar Design and Installation of Grid, Hybrid and Off-Grid Systems.